The Martian Investigations: Case 2, is now available!

I hope you kind people know just how much work goes into creating a deduction game! After I released Case 1 of The Martian Investigations, to a lot of really heart-warming and positive responses, I started work on Case 2. A little over two months of occasional afternoons sat in coffee shops poring over maps and directories, here it is!

Case 2, Deep Fears, sends the players twelve kilometers under the surface of Mars, into one of the planet's enormous geothermic mines, to investigate a bizarre explosion that claimed four lives. Of course, things are not what they seem in this world of angry industrial workers, dark tunnels, and unchecked revenge.

Deep Fears has a greatly expanded world from Case 1, with maps of the Banks Mohole and Noman Security HQ, and an expanded directory, ensuring the players are challenged, engaged, and kept on their toes.

Case 2 is available here.

Cases 1 and 2 are bundled together, here.

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