Eccentric Exhibits

Eccentric Exhibits is my second release and will be available on DriveThruCards once I have received a printed-proof (so I can check that colours are reproduced correctly, etc).

Eccentric Exhibits is a 2-player, 20-card trick-taking game. In this game, players are rival museum curators trying to arrange the most prestigious exhibitions of bizarre and unusual artifacts - unicorn hooves, kraken tentacles, books of pure evil, and alien skulls, to name a few.

Over four rounds, two players will play a series of tricks, trying to win artifacts for their museums and score prestige. The twist is that the highest scoring cards are not always the cards most likely to win a trick. So huge bonus points are available if you can deduce what cards your opponent is able to play and which tricks they are able to win.

With only 20 cards to keep track of, skills in deduction and risk management are paramount. Eccentric Exhibits is a tense, high-skill game for two players.

In a pocket-sized set, you get:

  • 20 cards in 4 suits, each depicting a unique, bizarre artifact.
  • 4 bonus cards, which are awarded for difficult and high-risk moves.
  • 1 round tracker.
  • 4 cards explaining the rules of the game.

Eccentric Exhibits is perfect for fans of trick-taking games (like Hearts or Euchre) and players who enjoy unusual themes.

Note: Aside from these cards, players will need a way to record scores between each round - some paper or a phone app. I wanted to include cards to tracks scores, but scores in a single game can go beyond 500 - including score trackers would have made this a very bulky and expensive package.