Super-Science Adventures in Twisted Space-Time (Print-and-Play)

Here's something I've been working on for quite some time now - a narrative based game, light on rules, heavy on theme and atmosphere. It's really been made to allow a bunch of friends to come together and have a laugh while creating silly stories.

The story goes like this:

Vastly evil inter-dimensional forces have destroyed the world as we know it by tearing apart space-time itself. Luckily, the world-famous and slightly crazy scientist, Dr Damon Thum, has developed a device that allows you and your adventuring team to travel through space-time to fight the minions of this evil force and set things right. An odd complication caused by Dr Thum’s device means that every time you use it, your own past is twisted into a new configuration, often granting you unique special abilities that you can use in each battle. 
The world needs you, adventurer, and your team, to defeat four evil enemies and recover the dimension stones that they possess. With these, Dr Thum can set things right with our universe. If you fail, it will be as if humanity never even existed.

You'll need to print out the 7-page black-and-white document, grab a single dice, and up to three more friends. The game will produce environments, super-powers, weird anomalies and horrible enemies, leaving it up to you and your friends to figure out how to escape these terrible dimensions.

This is currently a demo - I will produce a fuller version depending on responses. Please give the game a try and let me know your thoughts.

Print and Play Help

Take the PDF file and print it, double sided, instructing your printer to flip along the short edge. This game has no graphics, so you may as well select the ink-saver option, if your printer has one. Then chop up the cards and arrange them into stacks based upon the card-backs.

Some computers may show the PDF as having strange dark lines in place of letter L's. This is a display problem caused by the fonts, but it will only exist on your monitor and will not effect the printed copy. If you zoom in 300%, you will see that the fonts are displayed correctly. It's weird, I know.