Litterateur Credits

This otherwise boring post details where all the various images from Litterateur come from. This has mainly been done to cover my tracks and show that all images are public domain. Warning: screwy layout happens after the break!

First up, here are the beautiful original images:





This was edited to be the Z
This was edited to be the X
This is used on the round cards
This is used on the card backs

This is used on the round cards

This is used on the round cards

And here are the sources:

E: "A collection of right merrie garlands for North country anglers" 1864

C: "A Monk of Fife. Being the chronicle written by Norman Leslie of Pitcullo concerning marvellous deeds that befell in the realm of France in the years of our Redemption, 1429-31. Now first done into the English out of the French by Andrew Lang" 1896

F, J, P, Q, U, V, Round Card F, Card Back: "An English Garner. Ingatherings from our history and literature" 1877

Round Card R: "An Out-of-the-way-Place. A story" 1884

M, O: "Dorinda." 1889

D, H, N: "Driven to Bay. A novel" 1887

K: "Pietas Puerilis: or, Childhood's Path to Heaven, and other poems, etc" 1865

A, L, R, W, Round Card Footer: "The works of Ben Jonson. With a biographical memoir, by William Gifford." 1875

B, G, I, S, T, X, Y, Z: "The Works of John Locke, etc. by J. Le Clerc" 1722

All of the images were found through the British Library's incredible Flickr account.