"Golem" Needs Playtesters!

Golem (working title) is a two-player trick taking card game with elements of bluffing and deduction. You can have and play the alpha version provided you agree to give a little feedback!

Golem uses only 18 double-sided cards - six different suits consisting of three cards each. On the flip-side of each card are clues as to which suit the card may belong. Player's will not know the value of the opponent's card until the trick is resolved, but can use the limited information on the card's reverse to deduce it's possible values. Likewise, they can use this knowledge to trick their opponent into taking less valuable cards.

The file is black and white and needs only three sheets of paper. Make sure you choose the correct paper size for your region (A4 or US Letter).

Golem needs playtesters! If you choose to play Golem, please leave some feedback (good or bad!) so I can continue to refine it's gameplay.

Check out these links to get a Print-n-Play copy of Golem (A4) and Golem (US Letter).